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Why you mustn't accept as true with every single iPhone 'leak' and rumor - Mashable

The iPhone 7 shouldn't have a headphone jack. it'll have a headphone jack. It may not have a headphone jack.

The rumor mill just cannot decide if Apple will kill the headphone jack on its next iPhone or no longer.

For months, hypothesis has been the iPhone 7 should be the primary iPhone to eschew the 50-whatever thing-yr-ancient 3.5mm audio jack. Apple will reportedly liberate new Lightning port-based earbuds and headphones to compensate.

Apple could ship a 3.5mm jack-to-Lightning adapter for with the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 to ease the transition for users. Or it couldn't include one and promote the rattling dongle find it irresistible always does when the business nixes ports from its products. (My funds is on Apple promoting the adapters and making financial institution.)

The latest iPhone 7 leak posted by, a blog with a heritage of now and again being correct with leaks on unreleased Apple products, claims the iPhone 7 may additionally come with a headphone jack in any case.

The purported iPhone 7 Lightning cable assembly, which that you would be able to see in the graphic above, shows what's obviously a headphone jack (the white component to the left of the blue-marked rectangle).

So it's settled then, the iPhone 7 will still have a headphone jack, right? 


From somewhere in China

The iPhone 7 isn't expected to debut until this autumn (September or October if Apple follows historical past). We're as a minimum 5 months out. whereas it be average for next-technology parts to leak onto the cyber web months in increase, these parts don't assure the rest.

So-referred to as next-era iPhone constituents delivery to "leak" every spring — lots of them becoming absolutely off base.

The reality is, these leaked ingredients, which can be almost always posted on some Weibo account in China, cannot be demonstrated in any potential. They might just as neatly be from an Android cell that so carefully resembles the iPhone, seeing as how phones are all so similar now.

Case in factor: In March, an image of a metallic phone with cleaner antenna traces claiming to be the iPhone 7's new body popped on-line (from Weibo and picked up with the aid of, no less) and despatched each Apple blog on the web right into a frenzy.

The "leaked" photo became no longer of the iPhone 7. Li Nan, Meizu's vp of income and advertising, took to Weibo, to take ownership of the telephone design for the business's upcoming Meizu seasoned 6. The leak might have been from a disgruntled Meizu factory worker or from anybody with entry to the mobile, though it can't be dominated out that Meizu reps may have "leaked" the photo themselves to drum up interest for the seasoned 6. (driving the iPhone's perpetual buzz is normal advertising tactic in cell, and it hardly, if ever, backfires.)

seem lower back some distance ample and you may see the story is the same every year. So-referred to as subsequent-generation iPhone constituents start to "leak" every spring — a lot of them becoming absolutely off base.

Apple is a secretive business. It prototypes numerous models of its products, some of which get sent to factories in China, for small batch productions. no longer all of all them make the reduce. those that don't meet the enterprise's excessive fine bar get scrapped and tossed back into Cupertino's reject pile, seemingly in no way to be viewed once again.

Hell, it would not shock me in any respect if Apple flowers a faux rumor or two to throw internet sleuths off. simply because it's viable Meizu may additionally have staged its own leak for the seasoned 6, it be no longer out of the realm of chance the business has slowly leaked out the idea the iPhone 7 might not come with an headphone jack. 

There are two the explanation why Apple would do this type of aspect: 1) to mood expectations from clients and just about get them used to the theory of an iPhone with no headphone jack, or 2) to guide enthusiasts off after which surprise them with an iPhone 7 that does hold the jack, proving the entire "rumors" wrong.

BS until Apple says otherwise

i am as excited for the subsequent iPhone as any one (my busted iPhone 6 is barely striking on), but let's no longer enable all these potentially doubtful rumors to power the conversation.

and that's, nothing is reliable until Apple makes it so. Oh, and anything else you hear in regards to the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8, which are not supposed to come out until 2017 and 2018 — HA! As my colleague, Mashable senior tech correspondent Christina Warren put it perfectly: it be solution to early to speak in regards to the subsequent iPhone. 

Her TL;DR:

  • It might be Apple's fastest iPhone ever

  • it is going to have Apple's most-advanced optics

  • There can be at least one additional function you cannot get on some other iPhone.

  • it will are available in rose gold.

  • Apple CEO Tim cook hinted in an interview on CNBC's Mad money the company has huge plans for its products, regardless of slowing iPhone earnings. 

    "we're going to give you issues that you just can't reside devoid of that you just don't know about these days," cook told Mad funds's Jim Cramer. "That has always been the purpose of Apple." 

    For Apple's sake, we hope the iPhone 7 could have some thing extra groundbreaking than 3D touch and live pictures. Put that fingerprint sensor below the reveal, perhaps?

    stay protected accessible Apple lovers (and haters). there is loads of BS coming out the rumor mill. don't be a idiot and step in it.

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