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A Bernie-ist Manifesto for the Jobless Future

individuals Get able: The battle against A Jobless financial system And A Citizenless Democracy by means of Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols might have been titled "A Bernie-ist Manifesto." The book makes many of the equal arguments as the Sanders crusade and looks calculated to attraction to and encourage fundamental voters who're feeling the Bern, however for the reason that it's a book we are spared the horse race and the soundbites. The authors present a robust analysis of automation and labor looking forward into the twenty-first century. They weigh the entire claims of "disruptive" tech-utopians each previous and current in opposition t the finest data and are available to an unfortunate conclusion. "What we are at ease saying—and what we agree with should be pointed out loudly and emphatically," they write, "is that the latest direction is taking the entire developments toward elevated inequality and poverty already in existence and making them worse. " Machines are changing jobs, and capitalism ensures that employees pay the price.

The proposition that things are getting worse for employees as machines get superior for house owners is backed up by pages of graphs and is comparatively uncontroversial on its face, but that doesn't make it any much less a thorough insight. If 5 people build a machine that can do the work of 50 other americans, that should still eliminate jobs. on the very least, it lowers the volume of labor required from a society so as to produce the equal ordinary of dwelling. The old length the united states is entering is described most likely principally with the aid of this fast reduction within the want for labor. however the outcomes of that reduction now not particularly benefit the machines' vendors in place of the staff. Overabundance of labor reduces its cost, and house owners reap the gains. "In our view, the proof elements in a single path," the authors write. "The financial system must be fundamentally reformed, if now not replaced. Capitalism as we realize it is the i ncorrect economic gadget for the material world it really is emerging." It's rather an idea, and it's simply as pressing as the authors bring.

but it is tempting to examine the e-book because the made from two distinct minds, one perceptive and thoughtful, the other totally silly. And here is the place the dumb author takes over: as a substitute of the book americans deserve, about adjustments in the mode of construction and the arrival fight for control over them, we get transitioned to a haphazard mishmash of revisionist historical past and naive liberal politics, culminating in proposed solutions which are impractical and insufficient at the equal time. After concluding that capitalism and the wage-labor system are incompatible with a fascinating future, the authors duck the implications of their perception. The section "What Does This suggest for Jobs?" ends:

It isn't even an economic problem so lots as it is a political one, because the simplest plausible way to clear up the high-quality structural complications facing the financial system will be via politics. 

here's Bernie's "political revolution" conception in a nutshell—that a favored outcry will change our capitalist politicians with americans who might be compelled to make the transition to a greater equitable economic climate. First we do the democracy, then we get the socialism. What they're proposing is not in fact a revolution in any respect but a program of radical reform. The reasoning in the back of this vision is susceptible: simply as a result of whatever thing looks plausible doesn't suggest it's basically possible. in its place of attempting to examine what's integral to bring an conclusion to capitalism in the usa, they count on that this can also be achieved via so-known as democratic capability. 

To make the case for this radical reformism, the authors mine American heritage for circumstances by which innovative reforms were made—or well-nigh made—below the constraints of liberal capitalist democracy. It's a good intuition: If the authors are right and this political equipment may also be peacefully changed into the political equipment we want, possibly they can locate proof in American roads imagined however no longer taken. here's, although, a very different formula than tracing the theoretical and functional lineages of struggle and class battle. It's an awful lot simpler, extra similar to bill and Ted's surprising experience than an genuine heritage booklet. And as they experience through america's previous, the authors are extraordinarily careless of their choice of historical allies.

people GET able: THE combat in opposition t A JOBLESS economy AND A CITIZENLESS DEMOCRACY by using Robert W McChesney and John NicholsNation Books, 368 pp., $26.ninety nine

Their first project is to redeem the charter, and to accomplish that they have to first get rid of the stain of slavery. "most of the founders of the nation were well mindful that slavery changed into morally wrong and indefensible," they write. That's controversial, I consider, but what's not is that all of them enabled it to persist. however as soon as the authors determine a break up on the ethics of breeding children for income, they feel free to declare constancy handiest to the stress of notion in the constitution that hostile the institution (slavery) that supplied the basis for the nation's wealth. It's a precarious position rhetorically, and untenable intellectually.

On their facet they area Thomas Jefferson, whom they frame as an agrarian anti-capitalist avant la lettre. They allude (presumably) to his slave-breeding, -raping, and -promoting with the aid of calling him "an impulsive and often contradictory figure" with "flaws." however on-balance they facet with Jefferson's ostensible commitment to enlightenment values, and in his presidential victory over John Adams in 1800 they see the possibility of transition of vigor from proponents of 1 financial gadget to another in the American Constitutional framework. "Jefferson," they write, "understood precisely what become required for those that are disempowered to obtain a political revolution." That Jefferson's election became a victory first and greatest for slave-vigor is unmentioned. No remember how one cherry-picks from Jefferson's writing, portraying him as a people's progressive of any variety is an insult, each to people's revolutionaries and to the reminiscenc e of the americans Jefferson enslaved.

To Jefferson the authors add a few Roosevelts (Teddy and Franklin Delano), whom they see as standing in opposition t monopoly capitalism and for a powerful social safeguard web. This may well be the leftward bound of american presidents, but you ought to fail to spot loads of horrific beliefs, actions, and consequences to tag in a U.S. govt for a twenty-first-century revolutionary argument. but the authors are cool with that. in the most egregious example, they lend credibility to early america's anti-imperial pretensions: "other than the a lot of continental campaigns to catch lands from the indigenous populations as well as Mexico, the united states heeded the spirit of the constitution and its framers for a great deal of its heritage, generally demobilizing automatically after a declared warfare." never say on no account when it involves writing a sentence, however the development "other than the a large number of" is doubtless now not a pretty good technique to frame an argument.

There's a mode of political argument—basically involving quotations superimposed on pictures and posted on fb—that tries to display the validity of unconventional guidelines and views through attributing them to universally acclaimed figures. Socialists regularly use it to combat crimson-baiting, pointing to figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and even Jesus. The Sanders campaign has taken it a step additional, calling institutions like the police and the military "socialist" because they're paid for by way of taxes and ostensibly serve the general public. It's a rhetorical trick that might possibly be good for a meme right here and there, but as the groundwork for an ideology it's surprisingly weak. The authors' automobile forward is a left-liberal Frankenstein made from American heritage fragments. do you know President Eisenhower didn't consider any person should still mess with Social safety? It's the type of muttering liberals did all t he way through the George W. Bush administration to remind themselves that they were not the deluded ones.

If individuals Get Readywere half as long—excising the core—it could be twice nearly as good. in the conclusion, the authors give the most concise account I've examine of the "political revolution" method and desires. After brushing aside the conception of a assured minimal earnings, which, because it will be paid in cash, would, they believe, further the privatization of public services, they clarify how they think society may still handle the merits of improved productiveness:

A greater humane strategy would be to go within the contrary course and simply get rid of certain features from the market altogether as the society grows wealthier … Make broadband information superhighway entry free and ubiquitous. Make healthcare free and ubiquitous. Make wide public transportation inside cities and between them free and ubiquitous. Make all schooling free and ubiquitous. The list goes on and on. At some point, down the street, inequality is eradicated and people enter an entirely new section of their background. The economic issue will have been solved.

someone who has been purposefully misled about the theories of Karl Marx may suppose this is a communist agenda, however's no longer. This application is barely "socialist" in case you detach the term "socialism" from its legacy of old battle and cut back socialism to the theory that "the executive should personal stuff." The authors don't wish to win the classification struggle, they wish to find a bundle of coverage options that attenuates the tension between homeowners and worker's except the two can cohabitate without any person ravenous on the street.

They should comprehend better, and the author I imagine as the "good writer" of both appears to. within the introduction, they write:

there is something incorrect, something it's damaging instead of disruptive, some thing it really is comfortably absurd about undertaking the wishful pondering that says a capitalistic device that by using its nature prioritizes profit will in some way evolve for the better. It doesn't work like that. It in no way has and it certainly not will.

The authors are extra appropriate than they appear to realize; the "capitalistic device"—considered one of a few weaselly techniques the authors decline to claim "capitalism" with out qualification—includes American democracy and always has. undoubtedly the tech utopians the authors are criticizing haven't done anything else so absurd as search for socialist thought from a slaveowner.

Bernie-ists like McChesney and Nichols are, at the conclusion of the day, exactly as naive as the Silicon Valley optimists who believe that capitalism will fix democracy. in its place, they think about democracy will fix capitalism, however the basic mistake is a similar. There isn't any strategy to reform capitalism into socialism, besides the fact that it's easier to imagine than the specific overthrow of the possession type. 

I Went looking At a brand new Reliance traits idea shop and located more than I Bargained For!

while you guys have been busy having fun with the lengthy weekend faraway from home, my colleague and i decided to go out for some tons crucial retail remedy this weekend. And simply as we made up our intellect, there popped an invitation from Reliance developments- an exclusive invite to the launch of their new conception store at Infiniti Mall, Mumbai. Now it's no longer daily that you simply get invited to do the one component you like probably the most- searching! So we determined to grab the offer whereas it lasted and headed straight out to check out the brand new Reliance developments conception keep.

however I wager in our exhilaration we arrived a bit of too early. The superstar visitors (a bollywood actress, a modern playback singer and bollywood's most adored dancing duo) for the event hadn't even arrived yet. however, who's complaining! I decided to explore the location and click on just a few selfies to give you a sneak height to all of the madness that awaited us. After some a lot of makes an attempt, here are the clicks that ultimately received my approval *wink*

This one's at the selfie sales space correct outdoor the store.


And right here i am eagerly looking forward to the grand event to begin. trace: there is a live performance, a fashion exhibit & lot greater!


I even got an opportunity to jam with the DJ for the group that become ready.


just as I learned a number of tricks of DJ-ing, news broke that the primary movie star visitor for the night had arrived. We rushed to the doorway of the shop and located some dhol dhamaka greeting the ever so beautiful Ileana D'Cruz, who regarded a delightful mixture of informal and classy. After clicking some elbows, some backs and getting pushed with the aid of the enthusiasts all around, I managed to click this photograph of Ileana.


As she reduce the ribbon, we headed straight in to check out the brand new collection, which is asserted to be impressed by means of some foreign trend runways. Ileana too gave the assortment a look over!



here, have a look on the big isles and funky collection.



a few minutes in and that i found some thing that I appreciated, so I headed straight to the trial room and look what I found- one more video selfie booth. All I needed to do was opt for the backdrop that i wanted and click on away!


After sorting out on the cash counter, I headed straight for the main adventure and hopped on my reserved seat within the first row.


And changed into greeted via VJ Geylen Mendes, the host for the evening, who obtained the trend show kick all started! here's my favorite lounge wear seem from the in vogue ramp walk.

however the most effective become yet to come. B-city's ace choreographer duo Bosco & Caesar's troop enthralled the viewers with their groovy moves on hit tracks like London Thumkda, Gulabo and Bang Bang.

Then arrived the uber cool bollywood playback singer Benny Dayal who received the viewers tapping their ft to a few hit tracks like Daru Desi, Locha-e-Ulfat and Besharmi Ki peak with the showstopper of the night Ileana D'Cruz.


whereas Ileana rocked the runaway as the show-stopper, Benny Dayal went on to captivate the audience along with his peppy numbers. because the audience raved about his track, my eyes have been mounted on his one-of-a-type glimmer sneakers. They sure do deserve a distinct point out.


And wager what? similar to me the viewers too couldn't get satisfactory of Benny Dayal, in any case he made sure that his performance wasn't practically Bollywood. We guess you didn't be aware of that Benny may pull off an excellent Gangnam vogue! well, he did and rocked one and all with his mash up strikes.

I don't comprehend concerning the relaxation of the group, but I certain did go home high on entertainment and some retail goodness!

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realizing pro-Lifers: An Open Letter to Una Mullally

I don't desire this to become just "Ben's professional-life blog", and that i've received a post on the refugee crisis coming soon. however Una Mullally, a pro-alternative Irish instances columnist who I've debated with a few times during the past, simply wrote a chunk about abortion, and i wanted to put in writing in response it. I'm not often partial to "open letters", but it appeared to be the premier means of penning this.

pricey Una,

You've just written a passionate piece in the Irish times in defence of abortion, and in favour of repealing eire's eighth modification, which recognises the equality of the unborn to the born. within the article, you call for an conclusion to horrible arguments, and for a lifestyle of listening and realizing. I want to aid you build that kind of lifestyle: and that i think that to even start to hearken to people or interact in a real dialog with them, you need to be mindful them.

studying your article even though, I don't consider you be aware pro-existence americans in any respect, and that i consider we'd be capable of have an improved dialog, to pay attention more advantageous, to disagree improved, if you understood where we had been coming from. So I'm going to are trying to clarify, as most fulfilling i will. 

Una, pro-existence individuals oppose abortion as a result of we believe unborn toddlers are the same as born children. Please, have faith me on that. it really is the intent. You may also disagree with it, however that's what we suppose: and right here's the gist of why:

We be aware of as a matter of proven fact that the being inside a woman's womb, the being that you simply under no circumstances point out to your article, is alive. it's, after all, turning out to be, and now not right into a tumour or an elephant however right into a new child, a baby, an adolescent, an adult.

We recognize that the being inner a lady's womb is human, because that being has human fogeys. So the being inner a woman's womb is a dwelling human, a very younger one. In different words, a baby.

Civilised societies often are inclined to look unfavourably on the killing of toddlers, and americans are typically horrified by means of it. Any understanding of "human rights" that leaves some humans out of the circle of insurance policy, denying them even the fundamental right to lifestyles, is a scandal. hence – or so our thinking goes – human abortion may still be abolished.

Now, that's the very basic edition: there are countless objections you could make (this piece by means of Kristine Kruszelnicki of professional-life Humanists is a extra detailed response to one of the usual ones). In many of the conversations I've had with seasoned-alternative people about this, they frequently argue that there's whatever about an unborn infant that makes them not a child with dignity and rights; or else they argue that the child is entirely human but that the girl's bodily rights permit them to be killed anyway.

to your article, you didn't do both. You didn't latest any evidence, a single line of argument, other than that abortion is a "pursuits scientific manner", and that loads of them take place. Infanticide became fairly general in historical Rome, and sending girls who had babies outside of marriage to magdalene laundries became fairly hobbies in the eire of a few a long time in the past. Regularity isn't evidence of goodness, or justice, or kindness.

It should be very easy to be professional-option, seeing the world that you simply see. actually, if I saw that world, I'd be professional-option too. a global during which pro-lifers wake up each morning thinking how tons they hate girls and need to handle them. A universe during which the fundamental, three-paragraph argument at the suitable of this weblog, or the case put forward by means of Kristine Kruszelnicki, is indicative of "warped attitudes" or deep cynicism; where no-one really thinks that abortion is killing a toddler, but they nonetheless use that excuse to preserve girls down. where, most likely, there are no professional-existence ladies, not ever intellect more of them than there are pro-lifestyles guys.

but that is not the area we reside in. Let me enchantment to you: Una, there's nearly nobody precise like that.

There can be a few in fact mentally disturbed people who think that manner. I even have not ever met one. again – seasoned-lifers just suppose abortion is killing a child. I if truth be told don't have any idea as to why that you can't settle for this. Is the thought simply incomprehensible to you? You mentioned reservations about abortion on your article – what are they? Is there any point in a being pregnant at which you'd consider "killing a baby" to be an apt description of abortion?

At sixteen weeks?



None of those pictures are anything graphic. They're just the famous endoscope photographs of infants at quite a lot of tiers of being pregnant, taken with the aid of photographer Lennart Nilsson. They've been round given that 1965. obviously simply them won't hurt. As you write:

We deserve to open up a caring dialog, not more horrible arguments. We deserve to make the situation visible. We need to speak.

I in actual fact hope that taking a look at those photographs, you might come to realize that there is nothing cruel about not looking those beings to be killed. i would love if you could acknowledge that as a minimum some abortions are ethical horrors, and i'd be delighted to check with you about why I consider no direct killings of unborn infants are appropriate with a really compassionate figuring out of human rights and equality.

You desire us to listen to the stories of ladies who've had abortions. I see that condition very in another way to how you do, but I think listening is all the time first rate – I suppose it's critical to enhanced consider why individual girls feel like they should have an abortion, and to do a far, a long way more desirable job of doing away with those explanations.

i am hoping that you would desire, as a minimum, for us additionally to listen to the reviews of ladies who have been prevented from having abortions and are so completely satisfied they had been, because their infant is alive. i hope you'd want to hear from ladies who had an abortion, and regretted it: women who feel that no different lady should still be confronted with the aid of or tacitly nudged towards that awful choice. i am hoping you wouldn't condemn them to the bloodless treatment I've frequently seen these ladies receive from professional-alternative campaigners, whose response frequently quantities to little more than "you've made your choice, now face the consequences."

at last, i am hoping you'll be adequate with individuals like me making an attempt to inform the short stories of the americans you didn't once mention to your article. they are, like most little ones, unable to speak.

well, I talked about at last, but that's no longer quite my final hope here. as a result of – and i understand it's probably a protracted shot – i am hoping that some day you'll realize what it is you're assisting.

and i hope you'll exchange your mind.

all the most effective,


EDIT: Some on twitter have been mentioning that many professional-option people do in reality be aware professional-existence arguments, and simply disagree with them. I don't doubt it for a second – i know a lot of them myself, and outlined them in the letter! however there are also loads of writers, specially in the Irish media, who under no circumstances tackle or interact with the exact pro-lifestyles place. here is either because of misunderstanding or to wilful misrepresentation, and that i'd all the time favor to anticipate the former.

10 approaches Social Media Ruined sports

Social media has completed wonders for sports fans, giving us up-to-the-2d insurance of news and developments to retain us all within the loop of what is going on whereas offering an outlet for us all to voice our opinions.

That doesn't suggest that's at all times decent, notwithstanding, as there have been a large number of instances the place areas like facebook, Twitter and Instagram have absolutely ruined activities—and that i'm sure these situations will remind you about when you've been a sufferer of it.

10. it be All About Being Viral

here's in general actual for athletes who exit of their solution to do something within the heat of competition knowing once fans list it on their cellphone, it's going to smash the web—despite final result to the player's team all through the online game.

From over-the-correct celebrations that get penalized to intense techniques of creating announcements, social media has brought about people to be consideration-starved within the worst means.

things get basically dicey when it involves school recruiting, too, as coaches do whatever they could to draw consideration to their courses—like Michigan's Jim Harbaugh—and avid gamers stir up how you can go viral when revealing their faculty alternative.

9. Athlete-Athlete Beefs that are Nonexistent really

There are a lot of motives for athletes to have beef with one a different—and those that matter are the ones that start in the heat of battle all the way through a game, not ones that occur on account of social media.

Yet, all too often, lovers see situations where opposing avid gamers speak crap about each other because of whatever thing that became mentioned on Twitter, causing a red meat that, well, will not be taken too critically since it's dumb.

I've not ever seen a tough foul in an NBA video game come as a result of a Twitter pork or a tough hit take place in an NFL contest because somebody said some thing about somebody else on Instagram.

eight. The Athlete-Fan Beefs That Come from It

Editor's observe: Above video comprises NSFW language.

On the nice facet, social media has made it easier for lovers to engage with their favorite atheltes, giving them entry like now we have in no way seen before.

despite the fact, the terrible facet of that capability the web trolls creep from their dark holes to completely dog avid gamers when they do anything that upsets that person, giving the lovers free reign to put into the athlete.

even if or now not avid gamers responds is up to them, however, when it occurs, it might flip ugly now and then, hurting avid gamers' reputations and, in some cases, even getting them in challenge with their group or league.

To feel social media can be so effective that an athlete is lacking video games is only one most important reason it has changed activities for the more serious.

7. When It Ruins the factor of surprise

remember when shows like SportsCenter really used to exhibit highlights and had breaking information like player retirements or injuries? Now that there's social media, all it has develop into is a bunch of speaking heads announcing the equal component time and again and over.

it is no longer to claim activities fans do not admire the reality reporters are the usage of Twitter and and other social media retailers to get the news out quicker. despite the fact, it be all the time a little disheartening in case you discover via Twitter that a legendary participant like Peyton Manning has announced his retirement from the NFL—which wasn't even fathomable when he first entered the league in 1998.

long gone are the times of going to work within the morning and coming domestic to get your activities news, thanks to social media giving updates all all over the day.

6. Overexposure

This might possibly be an odd factor to admit, but 20 years ago when there wasn't this kind of component as social media, I loved simplest seeing athlete heroes like Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr. on ESPN a number of times a day, now not allowing me to know everything about their lives.

unfortunately, nowadays, it's type of a double-edged sword that both avid gamers and lovers need to cope with, as the athlete gives all-entry content to enthusiasts, however lovers by no means asked for any such issue.

it's cool when athletes use social media accurately by using posting photographs of themselves celebrating in the locker room with their teammates, however when or not it's achieved incorrect, enthusiasts grow tired of their superstars as a result of they know manner too a good deal about them.

In other phrases, as a lot as social media can construct gamers up, it can tear them down simply as directly—and that's the reason sad.

5. The Crying Jordan Meme

There became a time when, at one aspect, the entire Crying Jordan meme was essentially the most suave and hilarious element sports social media had seen. That changed into a protracted, long term ago, though.

that's as a result of lovers—and even groups—are overusing it for every thing, making an everyday-season loss seem like it's the end of the realm and photoshopping Michael Jordan's crying face from his hall of fame speech onto a participant or fan.

We're enhanced than this, cyber web, so cannot we find whatever thing else that allows you to replace the Crying Jordan meme now that it's been so overdone and, alas, ruined?

four. When Athletes Are Disciplined because of It

americans might have freedom of speech, but some athletes who use Twitter have not all the time been so fortunate to, as they've basically gotten in situation for sending whatever in one hundred forty characters.

that is not to say all athletes who tweet feel issues via before hitting "send," but for people that don't suggest hurt and then get disciplined, or not it's ridiculous.

once again, i'm no longer defending the content of what some of these athletes have sent—in most situations, they have been fully within the wrong and may were punished by hook or by crook—however to best a participant thousands of dollars for tweeting whatever from their bed early within the morning is so stupid.

severely, what occurs if a participant slips up and does this earlier than a championship game and receives suspended or whatever thing?

three. When the NCAA Bracket was Leaked Early

The NCAA tries as complicated as they can to maintain issues air-locked when it comes to giving any hints about which sixty eight teams will make it to the NCAA event each and every and every 12 months, hoping to retain the drama as high as possible until the bracket is revealed in best time.

it's too bad a person received cling of this 12 months's bracket early, posting the damn thing on Twitter for fans to see—and it become one hundred percent suitable, which took out any element of surprise as soon as it changed into formally announced.

within the conclusion, fanatics are nevertheless tuning into the tourney as a good deal as ever, but the truth whatever thing as sacred because the bracket was released early handiest as a result of social media exists is a trigger for issue.

2. The Unwarranted Criticism/Drama It Creates

The problem with social media in activities is that it be no longer meant to be explained, that means when our favourite athletes post whatever thing, the media and fans twist it despite the fact they are looking to to create buzz.

appear no further than somebody as big as LeBron James, who has caught heat these days for sending out cryptic tweets that may additionally or can also no longer be directed towards his teammates and/or the Cleveland Cavs' corporation, even unfollowing his crew on Twitter and allegedly Instagram the different day—which brought about a firestorm in the media.

limited to a small amount of house to jot down, James may additionally just feel like letting some steam off or giving some inspiring phrases. it be too unhealthy, if that ever were the case, individuals on social media might not allow/accept as true with it.

1. When the DVR turns into beside the point

here's a true story from the other day.

while i used to be plopped on my couch watching one of the crucial play-in video games on DVR, I had to actually toss my cellphone into the different room, refusing to even tempt myself with looking at anything apart from the television in fear that score indicators could be blasted all over the place social media.

And here's just the worst.

while some of those different examples are bad, when fanatics are hoping to move through an entire day without listening to who gained a video game, social media at all times appears to take place, revealing the ranking and giving analysis.

Blame social media, because it's all its fault.

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Down Syndrome Today YouTube

Down Syndrome Today YouTube - What does Down Syndrome look like in 2014 People with Down Syndrome their families and professionals take a candid look at what Down Syndrome looks like

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TITLE:Down Syndrome Today YouTube
VIDEO URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O321OFfXd9w

What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries YouTube

What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries YouTube - Want to watch this again later Sign in to add this video to a playlist Find out how Homer says Doh in Japanese Post to Facebook httponfbme

This VIDEO was ranked 20 by Bing.com for keyword Trending News Today.

TITLE:What the Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries YouTube
VIDEO URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-WFK7iKPb0

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Everything You Need To

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Everything You Need To - Want to watch this again later Sign in to add this video to a playlist Need a refresher of Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black Only have four minutes

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TITLE:Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Everything You Need To
VIDEO URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsmnK78nApw
VIDEO ID:EsmnK78nApw

Has Madonna, 57, received a brand new toyboy? Singer is 'smitten with 25-yr-historic model and former Harrods worker' amid custody dispute heartache

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She recently wrapped her insurrection coronary heart tour, which took her in every single place the realm.

but fifty seven-yr-old Madonna has reportedly had at least one distraction, which is available in the sort of Aboubakar Soumahoro, a 25-year-historic model with razor-sharp cheekbones and rock-tough abs, who used to work as a store assistant in Harrods.

talking to The reflect, Madge's unfastened-lipped chums claimed that she has been spending loads of time with her latest toyboy, who hails from the Ivory Coast. 

Scroll down for video 

Sing it out! reports suggest that 57-year-historical Madonna has discovered happiness with Aboubakar Soumahoro, a 25-yr-historical model with razor-sharp cheekbones and rock-hard abs

'They had been at a party together lower back in November after they acquired chatting, and get on well right away,' the source talked about. 

'Over the following couple of weeks, they obtained collectively a couple extra times and he or she invited him over to her place, where they sat up all evening talking. 

'The next element we heard, he had quit his job and had long gone out to satisfy her on tour. It's surely a really close friendship.' 

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Madonna within the UK & US however is expecting a response. 

younger man: Sources told The reflect that Madge is currently seeing Aboubakar Soumahoro, a 25-yr-historical mannequin with razor-sharp cheekbones who used to work as a shop assistant in Harrods

Aboubakar, who goes with the aid of the identify Brooklin, is the latest in a series of younger guys who've fallen below the spell of the Like A Virgin hitmaker. 

In 2010 Madonna starte d dating dancer Brahim Zaibat, who changed into 23 years old on the time.

speakme on the American news software Nightline, she talked about that he fulfilled her in 'many ways'.

'I didn't decide to, you be aware of, I did not, like, write down on a bit of paper i'm now going to have a relationship with a more youthful man.

'that's simply what came about. You see, it's the romantic in me. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age.

'I don't need to live my life on my very own. i love being a mother. My children fill me up in lots of techniques, and encourage me in many techniques, however i would like a partner in my existence and i consider most people suppose that manner.'

In happier times: Madonna dated Brahim Zaibat for three years, beginning in 2010. She allegedly attacked him in the lyric s of her music Unapologetic B***h following their breakup on the end of 2013

assist me out: talking on the American news software Nightline in 2012, she referred to that he fulfilled her in 'many ways'

They break up at the conclusion of 2013, and he or she reportedly mocked his sexual prowess in her 2014 tune Unapologetic B***h, singing: 'i know you'll find it irresistible if I stayed home and cried. but that ain't gonna take place, right here's the explanation why: once we did it, i could admit it, wasn't convinced.' 

mother-of-four Madonna wasted little time discovering a replacement, and by using New yr's Eve changed into linked with dancer Timor Steffens, then 26.

health club-healthy Timor soon joined Madonna and her household on a family skiing go back and forth to Switzerland, and he commonly posted Instagram photographs with Rocco, Maddona's son, who became 13 on the time.

but through August their fling had come to an end. 

Us Weekly reported that, right through a holiday in the South of France, Madonna ''with courtesy requested Timor to take his baggage and depart.'

Bye: The material lady turned into linked with Timor Steffens firstly of 2014, however noticed him off in August

Madonna - full identify Madonna Louise Ciccone - remains locked in a bitter custody dispute with ex-husband man Ritchie over custody of their 15-12 months-ancient tune Rocco. 

closing week a excessive court decide warned the embattled fogeys that they might damage what is left of their son's childhood if they fail to settle their dispute.

He observed it would be a 'tragedy' if from now on of the 'quick receding days' of the youngster's childhood were taken up by means of the conflict, all over which Madonna had launched litigation in both London and the USA. 

now not-so-chuffed ending: Madonna - full name Madonna Louise Ciccone - is still locked in a bitter custody dispute with ex-husband guy Ritchie over custody of their 15-yr-ancient song Rocco


Clinton faces down Sanders, blasts Trump's 'bluster'

(up-to-date) Ideological alterations between the two Democratic White condominium hopefuls turned into thrown into sharp relief Sunday, in a sometimes testy debate in Flint, Michigan, a city where lead-tainted water has poisoned hundreds of little ones

FACE OFF. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak during the CNN Democratic Presidential Primary Debate at the Whiting Auditorium at the Cultural Center Campus on March 6, 2016 in Flint, Michigan. Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFP

FACE OFF. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak during the CNN Democratic Presidential primary Debate at the Whiting Auditorium on the Cultural center Campus on March 6, 2016 in Flint, Michigan. Scott Olson/Getty photos/AFP

FLINT, Michigan, u . s . (3rd update) – With the Democratic presidential nomination in sight, Hillary Clinton late Sunday, March 6, sought to repel sharp attacks from birthday party rival Bernie Sanders, whereas working towards some fire on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster don't seem to be going to wear well on the American people," Clinton referred to in a once in a while testy debate with Sanders backed by way of CNN in Flint, Michigan.

"i will do something i will because the Democratic nominee to run a crusade you're going to be pleased with," she pointed out. "I don't intend to get in to the gutter with whoever they nominate."

nine months after launching her presidential campaign, Clinton appears near securing her party's nomination, regardless of a spirited and enhanced-than-anticipated challenge from Sanders, a self-described Democratic Socialist.

Sanders has received a string of state-large nominating primaries over the weekend, including in Nebraska and Kansas on Saturday, March 5, and won Sunday's party vote in Maine.

however because of Clinton's victories and robust second place showings, she keeps a two-to-one lead within the variety of nominating delegates.

After three months of balloting, a popular election between Democrat Clinton and Republican Trump looks increasingly doubtless.

"As of ultimate evening Donald Trump had acquired three.6 million votes, which is an outstanding quantity," Clinton stated, remarking on the multi-millionaire's shock electoral success.

however, she delivered: "There is only one candidate in either celebration who has more votes than him, and that is the reason me."

Gov. Snyder 'should still resign'

In a chaotic election 12 months that has viewed outsiders tap voter unease, Clinton will not be taking the rest as a right, not least Sanders.

Ideological alterations between the two candidates have been thrown into sharp distinction in the debate, held in a town where lead-tainted water has poisoned thousands of infants.

Clinton and Sanders both criticized Michigan's Republican governor Rick Snyder, who they noted should resign or be recalled from his post for neglecting Flint.

more than 8,000 toddlers in Flint, economically devastated with the aid of the closure of common Motors factories, were exposed to lead for more than a 12 months before the tap water contamination became uncovered via citizen activists.

"The governor should still resign or be recalled and we should still support the efforts of citizens attempting to obtain that," Clinton pointed out, adding that federal dollars may still be released to assist Flint residents.

Sanders observed he had been "shattered" by way of traveling the metropolis and meeting citizens.

"It turned into beyond belief that babies in Flint, Michigan, within the u.s. of the usa in the year 2016, are being poisoned. it is evidently no longer what this country may still be about."

Sanders observed that Snyder "should still keep in mind that his dereliction of obligation changed into irresponsible. He may still resign."

Snyder, writing on Twitter, blamed the disaster on "a failure of executive and all tiers that can be described as a large error of paperwork."

He also cited that the candidates will quickly leave Michigan. "They are usually not staying to solve the crisis," he pointed out, including that he become "dedicated to the individuals of Flint."

explanation for Michigan's woes?

There became less contract, despite the fact, on the reasons of Michigan's financial woes, a key situation as the state goes to vote on Tuesday, March eight.

in the hunt for to attract distinction, Vermont senator Sanders hit the previous secretary of state tough for her seasoned-trade policies and accused her of taking money from Wall street, as well as the fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries.

"Secretary Clinton supported well-nigh each of the disastrous alternate agreements written by using corporate the united states," Sanders stated to cheers.

Clinton shot again, accusing Sanders of voting in opposition t the bailout of the auto trade, which is an incredible organization in Michigan.

That brought about a feisty trade.

"I voted to save the auto business. He voted against the funds that ended up saving the auto trade. I think this is an exquisite huge difference," Clinton stated.

Sanders recommended that Clinton turned into speakme a few "Wall road bailout where some of your chums destroyed this economic system."

"Excuse me, i am speakme," Sanders pointed out sharply as Clinton tried to interject.

"if you are going to talk, tell the total story, Senator Sanders," she pointed out.

The tone at last grew greater civil, enabling each Democrats to examine their debate to a Republican debate remaining week that descended into allusion about penis sizes.

"compare the substance of this debate with what you noticed on the Republican stage last week," Clinton said.

Sanders joked that both had vowed if elected to make investments greater funds in intellectual fitness, "and in case you watch these Republican debates you recognize why." – S├ębastien Blanc and Andrew Beatty, AFP / Rappler.com

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rolling Stones rock Havana -- the biggest act to play Cuba since 1959

HAVANA (AP) –  The Rolling Stones unleashed two hours of shrieking, thundering rock and roll on an ecstatic crowd of hundreds of thousands of Cubans and foreign visitors Friday night, capping one of the most momentous weeks in modern Cuban history with a massive celebration of music that was once forbidden here.
The week opened with the arrival of President Barack Obama in Air Force One, accompanied by more than 1,000 employees of a government that waged a cold war against Cuba for more than 50 years. This time, U.S. forces were armed with briefing books and press invitations, here to seal the president's 2014 opening to Cuba with a string of expertly crafted public events that saw Obama call for democracy live on state television, then attend a Major League Baseball exhibition game with Cuban President Raul Castro.
The week ended with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts firing "Jumpin' Jack Flash" ''Sympathy for the Devil" and "Satisfaction" into a jubilant crowd from 3-story-tall high-definition television screens and thumping towers of speakers.
From Sunday evening to late Friday night, it felt as if the full force of the 21st century had landed with bone-rattling impact on an island that still feels mostly cut off from the modern world.
"Havana, Cuba, and the Rolling Stones!" Jagger cried. "This is amazing! It's really good to be here! It's good to see you guys!"
The Stones romped through 18 of their classics, picking up force as the crowd in the open-air Ciudad Deportiva, or Sports City, jumped and chanted "Rollings! Rollings!"
The Rolling Stones were the biggest mainstream rock act to play in Cuba since its 1959 revolution brought a communist government to power and isolated the island from the United States and its allies. At its heyday, Cuba's communist government frowned on U.S. and British bands. Fans had to hide their Beatles and Stones albums in covers borrowed from albums of appropriately revolutionary Cuban groups.
But times have changed. Former supermodel Naomi Campbell, actor Richard Gere and singer Jimmy Buffet partied in the VIP section of the concert. Castro's son Alejandro, one of the driving forces behind Cuba's declaration of detente with the United States, greeted friends and relatives after the show.
Far from the Cuban and international elites, ordinary Cubans said they felt shot through with energy, reconnected with the world.
"After today I can die," said 62-year-old night watchman Joaquin Ortiz. "This is like my last wish, seeing the Rolling Stones."
Rivers of spectators flowed north and south from the concert site after the show, watched over by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of security officials.
Few were willing to comment on the connections between the concert and Obama's visit earlier in the week, but many said the concert had implications beyond simple entertainment.
"The Rolling Stones being in Cuba at this time is like several steps up the ladder," said Jennifer Corchado, a 23-year-old biologist. "It's like three steps up the staircase toward global culture, toward the rest of the world."
Among the spectators was a large contingent of foreign tourists, for whom seeing Cuba was as novel as seeing the Rolling Stones is for Cubans.
Ken Smith, a 59-year-old retired sailor, and Paul Herold, a 65-year-old retired plumber, sailed to Havana from Key West, Florida on Herold's yacht.
"This has been one of my life-long dreams, to come to Cuba on my sailboat," Herold said.
Some Cuban concert-goers said it made them more optimistic about the future of their country.
"This is history," said Raul Podio, a 22-year-old employee of a state security firm, who was joined by a group of young friends. "I would like to see more groups, for there to be more variety, for more artists to come, because that would mean we are less isolated."
The band's Cuba stop ended its "Ole" Latin America tour, which also included concerts in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Michelle Williams responds to the POORMICHELLE trending

Michelle Williams responds to the POORMICHELLE trending - When you go on Twitter you never know what youre going to see trending in that little box on the lowerlefthand side Today the trending topic was

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Gymnast with Down syndrome is TODAYs Unbroken star

Gymnast with Down syndrome is TODAYs Unbroken star - Gymnast with Down syndrome is TODAYs Unbroken star TODAYs Unbroken series continues with a profile of Chelsea Werner a resilient gymnast

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amy Schumer FAKE FALLS In Front of Kimye Whats Trending

Amy Schumer FAKE FALLS In Front of Kimye Whats Trending - Want to watch this again later Sign in to add this video to a playlist From shaking her butt in a music video to showing her vagina to David Letterman

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ace and Archie Today YouTube

Ace and Archie Today YouTube - A lot has changed since their first videocheck out Ace and Archie today wwwmomsyndromecom

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TITLE:Ace and Archie Today YouTube
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Little Boy Mad at his Pregnant Mom Whats Trending Now

Little Boy Mad at his Pregnant Mom Whats Trending Now - To check out more viral videos visit JukinVideo at httpbitlyJukinVideoWT Treys Mom is having another baby Trey is NOT happy about that and hes

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

9 Year Old Girl Suspended for Shaving Her Head to Support

9 Year Old Girl Suspended for Shaving Her Head to Support - A national firestorm erupts when little girl shaved her head to support her best friend who is currently battling cancer SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and

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TITLE:9 Year Old Girl Suspended for Shaving Her Head to Support
VIDEO URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYzgHzsGpAI

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird YouTube

Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird YouTube - Want to watch this again later Sign in to add this video to a playlist Its not quite British and its not quite American so what gives Why do

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Julia Barretto Scandal Release Today October 10 2015

Julia Barretto Scandal Release Today October 10 2015 - Julia Barretto sexy Images hot images sexy photos sexy picture video Duration 116 HOT WORLD 477626 views

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Bully Beats Up BLIND KID Whats Trending Now YouTube

Bully Beats Up BLIND KID Whats Trending Now YouTube - Huntington Beach High School is trying to figure out what happened this Wednesday in a fight between students Austin who is legally blind and Noah

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Monday, March 14, 2016

TVC News Nigeria Live YouTube

TVC News Nigeria Live YouTube - TVC News Nigeria is a 24hour Nigeriacentric news current affairs and documentary channel The channel provides realtime reliable and accurate news to

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TITLE:TVC News Nigeria Live YouTube
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Incredible dancer with Down syndrome pushes toward

Incredible dancer with Down syndrome pushes toward - FOX 9 News KMSPTV MinneapolisSt Paul

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TITLE:Incredible dancer with Down syndrome pushes toward
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Before They Were on Mad Men YouTube

Before They Were on Mad Men YouTube - Jon Hamm on a dating show Christina Hendricks undressed Post to Facebook httponfbmeS0qqBV Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook httponfbme1ilcE7k

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TITLE:Before They Were on Mad Men YouTube
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

AMAZING Jet Pack Stunt Around Dubai Whats Trending Now

AMAZING Jet Pack Stunt Around Dubai Whats Trending Now - Meet Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet two dudes who are just casually jetpacking around Dubai You know because we live in the future What do you think
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Andrea Brillantes boyfriend who spread the alleged scandal

Andrea Brillantes boyfriend who spread the alleged scandal - News Trending today Insists that the boyfriend spread the alleged private video Andrea Brillantes Video Scandal Leak and according to the netizens andreas
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