Sunday, May 8, 2016

18-year-ancient girls devise equipment to conclusion farmers' woes - times of India

Thane: In times when water shortage has turn into the order of the day and farmer suicides are making headlines, two ultimate yr college students from VPM polytechnic have designed a gadget on the way to help farmers in such tricky instances.

The students who're learning industrial electronics have devised a gadget so that they can lower the wastage of water and also additionally make sure stronger yield of vegetation.

This technology could change the common flood farming ideas during which excess water is pumped into the farms. both 18-12 months-olds, Jagruti Dhamapurkar and Mrunal Matkar, have designed actual time sensors in an effort to display screen the moisture ranges in the soil and talk the irrigation scheduling to the farmers.

The duo has additionally linked the sensors to mobiles to communicate the repute of water content in the soil. The 'automatic irrigation device' aims to cut down human intervention and additionally stop extra stream of water in the farm, which is without doubt one of the causes of bad yield.

"The concept struck us when we examine in newspapers concerning the water disaster and the way it is affecting farmers. We realized that a few farmers live quite far from their farm lands and haven't any concept in regards to the water supply their container receives. So, they need to continually discuss with their fields to keep a verify on the water pumped. every now and then, this motives an enormous quantity of wastage because the container continues flooding and the crops get extra water than required," talked about Matkar.

After very nearly three months of research, the duo's conception became into a reality. "The gadget has a soil moisture sensor. in keeping with the crop, the water deliver is adjusted and pumped in the container. as soon as the gadget starts pumping water, the farmer receives a message on his mobile. as soon as the container receives enough water, the pump stops and again a message is shipped to the farmer," pointed out Dhamapurkar.

The gadget now not handiest works on computerized mode, but can also work on manual mode in which the farmer can handle the supply of water to the container. "whenever the farmer desires he can send an SMS on the GSM modem installed in the field to beginning the water. He can then investigate the water ranges at standard intervals on his cellphone. He can stop the provide also from his mobile," spoke of Matkar.

The complete manner of receiving and sending messages works on a GSM device. "The GSM modem is a specialized one which accepts a SIM card, similar to a cellphone. GSM modems can also be used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages," explained Dhamapurkar.

while Matkar all the time dreamt of being an engineer, Dhamapurkar acquired drawn to the discipline after her elder brother introduced it to her. The ladies hope that the device is put into use through at least some farmers.

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